CDL Permit Assistance

How To Obtain Your Class-A CDL Learners Permit

1 Pass a Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination. Make sure the physician who performs the medical examination is certified by the Federal DOT to give these exams. Click here to locate a registered doctor. You must show your Federal Medical Card to the DMV at the time of applying for your CDL Instruction Permit.

2 Study the appropriate sections in the CDL manual before taking your tests. For a Class-A CDL you will have to take and pass the following written examinations: General knowledge, Air Brakes, Combination Vehicles

3 Apply for the Class-A CDL Learners Permit with the Department of Motor Vehicle in your state of residence.

4 Obtain your CDL Learners Permit after successfully passing the above three written exams. You will need to prove you identity when applying and/or obtaining your CDL permit. This usually means showing a valid driver’s license.

5 CDL permits are generally valid for six months. Therefore, in order to use your CDL permit in training you will have to enroll and complete your training within six months of your CDL permit issuance or you may have to go through the re-instatement process for the CDL permit.

After obtaining your CDL Learners Permit you are now legally allowed to operate a commercial motor vehicle as a student driver. If you would like more information about how we can help you get behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer and learn the driving skills needed for a Class-A CDL, please call us at (800) 332-7364.

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